Book: `The 26 Chambers´

I am currently promoting a new book that I completed last year.

It is called `The 26 Chambers´
It`s about philosophy, psychology and gothic elements of horror.

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I read for you from the 25th chapter: `Circe and Charles´

A full version of the book is available now directly from this site. It will be sent to your e-mail address.

You can take a look at a sample here:`the-26-chambers´-Sample.pdf

You can order the full version of this e-book conveniently and pay with paypal.
You will receive a full version of `The 26 Chambers´ together with an invoice within 24 hours sent directly to your e-mail address.
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The book has 26 chapters and 66 pages. The price is 6$

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Buch: `Die 26 Kammern´

Hier stelle ich ein neues Buch vor, das ich geschrieben habe.

Es heißt: `Die 26 Kammern´
Es geht um Philosophie, Psychologie und um gotische Horrorelemente.

Die 26 Kammern

Ich lese für Euch aus dem 24ten Kapitel vor.

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Hier finden Sie eine Leseprobe:

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Das Buch hat 26 Kapitel und 66 Seiten. Der Preis liegt bei 6€

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