Felix C. Neun

Der Klang für Ihr Werk

Der richtige Klang zur rechten Zeit

  • individuelle Soundtracks für Ihren Onlineauftritt, Ihren Werbe-, Trick- oder Kurzfilm
  • Herstellung innerhalb weniger Stunden in Absprache mit dem Kunden
  • Gemeinsame Gestaltung und Ausarbeitung

But these convulsions did not last long and were not very severe. If one lived through them, he became perfectly quiet, and only did he feel a numbness swiftly creeping up his body from the feet. The heels became numb first, then the legs, and hips, and when the numbness reached as high as his heart he died. They did not rave or sleep. Their minds always remained cool and calm up to the moment their heart numbed and stopped. And another strange thing was the rapidity of decomposition. No sooner was a person dead than the body seemed to fall to pieces, to fly apart, to melt away even as you looked at it. That was one of the reasons the plague spread so rapidly. All the billions of germs in a corpse were so immediately released.